Dating Agency Cyrano Review

Review: Dating Agency Cyrano

SHORT Verdict

Dating Agency Cyrano, a lighthearted, fun and lighthearted show that’s simple to enjoy and humorous, is great for those moments when you want to just have a fun and a little snark.

Plot logic regularly requires some faith in the universe, but there are enough plus points in this show to still make it a fun watch.

The story is just one aspect of the whole story. It’s not the case by case. However, it was the humanity and warmth of the characters that pierced my soul and resonated with me.

It’s not an exciting experience, but it will provide plenty of pleasure.

To be honest, this drama had been languishing on my watch list for a long time, mainly because dramaland kept rolling out newer and shinier dramas, and also partly because I knew that Gong Yoo’s cameo in it is super blink-and-you-miss-it brief.

Which means I have my recently acquired soft spot for Hong Jong Hyun to be grateful for, and has pushed me to finally go to the drama.

I’m happy I did, because it was a good decision, as it had more positives than negatives.


This is a brief overview of the major grievances I had with this show. These aren’t major but they did make the program less entertaining.

1. Belief and credibility

If you want to enjoy this show, something that you have to work through. The viewers of this show have to be able to suspend belief on a regular basis with regard to the intricate dating set-ups, flawless timing over things that are out of the characters’ control and even character motivations.

It is, however, easier to see this as a manhwa-type of world.

2. Uneven pace

This is another issue. It’s not easy to find the perfect balance between case of the day’s narrative and the larger narrative of the characters. Certain cases can drag on for too long or aren’t interesting than others.

3. Contrived plot devices

Sometimes,..are used. The most notorious offenders is the kidnapping plot towards the end. It doesn’t make much narrative sense but pushes our OTP to the forefront.

4. Uneven actions

It is difficult to create an unifying tone for an ensemble cast because of the diversity of acting skills.


1. Sooyoung is the main star of this drama.

Gong Min Young was charming and warm. She was likable, warm, and charming. She handled the most emotionally charged scenes with the same agility as the sunny and cheerful scenes and I was amazed.

I’m not a big fan of Kpop. I had no idea she was an idol actor until I accidently found out. Sooyoung definitely is a potential star as an actress, .

2. Lee Jong Hyuk is the perfect choice for the grumbly, tough Seo Byung Hoon of Agency Cyrano. He encapsulates his character, as you would expect, with nice flashes of depth and flashes that help balance the gruff.

3. Lee Chun Hee looks quite beautiful as the mysterious Master nextdoor. Master was given a smaller screen time, but Lee Chun Hee was able to ensure that every scene was crucial.

With only minor facial movements, Master was able to perceive depth and dimensions. It was enjoyable to watch him.

Lee Chun Hee was always a favorite of mine in all the roles I’ve seen him in. It’s no coincidence that I also believe Lee Chun Hee is a great eye-catcher.

4. Cameos

The setup allows for a lot of cameos. Show doesn’t stinge on the actors in any way. A lot of the cameos are particularly interesting to me. So here’s a brief mention of my personal favorites.

It was fun to watch Ji Jin Hee’s role as an eccentric loser, Lee Yoon Ji a neurotic librarian, and Lee Kwang Soo a dorky bread baker. Gong Yoo? still have a deep affection for.

5. Hong Jong Hyun is the gorgeous and broody.

Hong Jong Hyun can be very stiff in this role and there’s certainly an opportunity to develop the character of Moo Jin. I was of the opinion that he was too stiff sometimes, despite the fact Moo Jin is not supposed to be a character with a lot of wood.

Hong Jong Hyun did a excellent job in playing the character of the robotic, mysterious, hacker-type guy. I found it very funny that he said “Stahp” only once. I was also awed by his loveline for Ha Yun Joo to be quite cute.

Thoughts Concerning the OTP

While some viewers might be a bit surprised by the gap in age (both reel and real) between Min Young and Byung Hoon on the large side I was actually getting more convinced of their match-up.

The show is proud of the fact that the romance is not pushed to the front of the story. The show focuses on the crimes of the day and the mystery of Master’s and Byung Hoon’s backstories.

The romance is slowly revealed as Min Young and ByungHoon gradually becoming more in love with each other and battling with their feelings.

In this manner, I found the romance treatment to be natural and believable. When our characters reached this stage, I was able to share those romantic feelings with them.

By series’ ending I was on board with OTP. Min Young got an affectionate kiss from ByungHoon which made me extremely happy indeed.


To be sincere I was never totally absorbed in the backstories Ofung Hoon and Master and all that came with them. There were many cases that I was interested in, and some arcs appealed to me more than others.

In a major way It was the characters and their quirks that captivated my attention enough to keep me engaged until the very final.


Light, innocent and with a bit of heart, despite its flaws.




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